Laboratory Gas Distribution System

Natural gas cylinder cage and FW

Pressure requirement, purity, type of control, sensors, gas piping selection, grade and type of materials are essential in the whole gas distribution design. These variables have to be carefully considered especially when if comes to corrosive, flammable and explosive gases. Any compromise on these factors could result in a shorter lifespan to equipment, downtime, and above all a hazard to the laboratory which could potentially result in dire consequences.

We are able to design and provide a full suit of integrated engineering solutions for up and downstream gas distribution systems.

All Parker generators provide simple “plug and play” installation, and are designed to produce on demand to your requirements; at safe, regulated and unmatched consistency without operator attention.

Types of gas distribution systems we provide:

  • Palletized cylinder manifold system
  • Multi cylinder manifold system
  • Centralized distribution system
  • Auto-changeover system
  • Auto-shut off system
  • Auto-purge & check system
  • Volumetric flow with control sensor system
  • Hook ups to GC/MS, ICP/MS, LC/MS, other highly sensitive equipment


To ensure a continuous and safe delivery of gases, all installed gas lines are constructed from pre-cleaned chemically passivated or electro-polished tubes.