Lab furniture island bench

Laboratory Furniture

Combining uncompromised functionality and the latest generation of design, the Mott furniture range caters to the ever changing demands of your laboratory with its flexi range.

Ceiling service panels for utilities and modular support structures for plug and play options
Adjustable shelving to accommodate unique requirements for equipment, storage and workspace needs.
Modular suspended cabinets
Mobile cabinets on wheels

All furniture meets and exceeds the most stringent of SEFA (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association) performance standards.

Cabinets and caseworks are manufactured to minimum 20 gauge steel, and electro-statically coated with laboratory grade powder coating. The coated surfaces then undergo a 49 Chemical spot test. This is then followed by a series of load and cycle tests to ensure the full structural integrity and durability of all individual caseworks.

We provide full customization to accommodate and integrate equipment and utilities to the design of our furniture for all your needs.

Caseworks are available in steel, stainless steel, wood and polypropylene; while epoxy, phenolic-resin, stainless steel and postform options for countertops.


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Laboratory Fume hoods

Selecting the right type of fume hood is critical in laboratory containment planning. They are the primary source for removing immediate unwanted gases and fumes to upkeep a safe and pleasant working environment.


We place health and safety at the forefront with our aerodynamic angled front fascia design. Our fume hoods are designed to deal with air turbulence, pressure distribution and contour velocity, to deliver a smooth flow with undisturbed patterns for a safer operation at the highest level.

Our fume hoods are all constructed and tested to fully comply with ASHRAE 110-95 standards.

Fume hoods are available in the various configurations.

  • Constant volume by-pass
  • Auxiliary air variable volume
  • Restricted by-pass
  • Low flow conservation hoods
  • With optional wash down scrubber units



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Natural gas cylinder cage and FW

Laboratory Gas Distribution System

Pressure requirement, purity, type of control, sensors, gas piping selection, grade and type of materials are essential in the whole gas distribution design. These variables have to be carefully considered especially when if comes to corrosive, flammable and explosive gases. Any compromise on these factors could result in a shorter lifespan to equipment, downtime, and above all a hazard to the laboratory which could potentially result in dire consequences.

We are able to design and provide a full suit of integrated engineering solutions for up and downstream gas distribution systems.

All Parker generators provide simple “plug and play” installation, and are designed to produce on demand to your requirements; at safe, regulated and unmatched consistency without operator attention.

Types of gas distribution systems we provide:

  • Palletized cylinder manifold system
  • Multi cylinder manifold system
  • Centralized distribution system
  • Auto-changeover system
  • Auto-shut off system
  • Auto-purge & check system
  • Volumetric flow with control sensor system
  • Hook ups to GC/MS, ICP/MS, LC/MS, other highly sensitive equipment


To ensure a continuous and safe delivery of gases, all installed gas lines are constructed from pre-cleaned chemically passivated or electro-polished tubes.

External exhaust duct

Laboratory Extraction System

Laboratory Extraction System

Good indoor air quality should be a given in every laboratory, as laboratory personnel are constantly exposed to various types of chemicals, solvents and fumes 24/7.

Overview of exhaust manifold and supply air
Fume hoods and canopy extraction system
Flexible extractor arms

A well designed extraction system is critical in achieving and maintaining a safe, hazard free environment.

Types of extraction solutions we provide:

  • Fume hoods
  • Canopy hoods
  • Rear extraction units
  • Flexible extraction arms
  • Equipment / Instrument exhausts
  • Ventilated exhaust unit
  • Flammable / solvent gas cabinet exhaust

Isolators and downflow booths

Greater drug potencies, infectious subjects and quality standards are constantly evolving, fostering an increased need for containment.

The primary main routes of cross contamination are airborne deposition, mechanical transfer, residue carryover and mix ups. A well designed containment system can mitigate the airborne and mechanical transfer routes by disrupting the transmission route of plausible pathways, creating and maintaining the uncompromised desired level of containment in your immediate environment.

We have partnered with Howorth group, a pioneer in clean air technology with more than 150 years of experience to bring containment solutions to the market.

Types of containment solutions we offer:


Download catalogues (Howorth)


Laboratory Gas Generator

Gas generators eliminate traditional gas cylinders, providing improved cost savings and at the same time maintaining an uninterrupted supply of on-demand gas.

It also precludes dealing with safety hazards such as asphyxiation, in the event where sudden gas discharge from the cylinders displace oxygen content in the air; and not to mention potential bodily injury, from the sheer weight of the cylinder alone falling on someone.


Types of gas generators offered are analytical and research grade purity by Parker, a market leader in filtration.

We supply a range of Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Zero-Air, CO2 free generators.

Download catalogue: (Parker full)


M & E Solutions

As a total laboratory turnkey solutions provider, we offer one stop solutions for all types of fit-out works. Ranging from small to large scale green and brown field projects or A&A works, we have a dedicated team to provide M&E and architectural services.

Electrical Main / Sub distribution boards
Architectural / Builder works
Outdoor generator and condensers
Office system furniture
Mechanical & Ventilation systems
Laboratory essentials & accessories
  • Feasibility, budgeting and consultancy
  • 3D design modeling and layout
  • Authority & landlord submission
  • Mechanical and ventilation works
  • ACMV installation
  • Distribution board, switch board, sub-distribution board and other customized control panels
  • Electrical, network and data cabling
  • Builder works (partition, ceiling and flooring works)
  • Plumbing and sanitary works
  • Pressurization control of rooms
  • Instrumentation and process integration
  • Furnishing and fit-out
  • Reinstatement works
  • Facilities maintenance and servicing

Customized Fabrication

One of the most challenging parts of customized designed items is product integration into the main system which is one of our core proficiencies.

Our engineering department will assist customers to design any type of laboratory items into their intended function/s, be it integrated or stand-alone type.

We provide all kinds of stainless steel, mild steel, PP and carpentry fabrication works to support and suit different requirements.

We do not stop short on product design alone. We always ensure a quality finish, excellent workmanship and testing on the customized product, as a main assurance to the customer.

Mobile carts incorporated into work desks
Customized data panels for temperature monitoring systems
Full stainless steel furniture and exhaust setup
Built-in clean booth work space
Down flow bench
Mobile / offshore container labs